How to Fix Printer is Offline?
How to Fix Printer is Offline?

Printer is Offline? Make it Online!

Effective Guide to Fixing Printer is Offline Mac Problem

A common concept to understand is that your printer cannot receive command if it has gone to an offline status. So, if you see an offline error popping up then know that the computer and the printer are unable to connect with each other, hence failing to take out any printouts. You simply need to establish a connection, and once you do that you are sorted with a functional printer again.

You can take help from our methods and other guides. While you are working to troubleshoot the problem make sure that you follow the basic troubleshooting steps or grab help from experts who have their skills in fixing common printer errors.

What are the Basic Troubleshooting Methods to Fix Printer is Offline Mac?

Below we are mentioning a few methods which will help users resolve the offline printer error in just a few minutes. Take a look and follow them up-

1. Start by checking all the cable connections which are built for your computer as well as the printer. Always ensure that none of the cables are loose.

2. The next thing to check is that, your printing device has no issue of paper jams. And, in case you do see a ‘low ink’ status popping up, then ensure that you get them replaced with new ink cartridges.

3. Also, make sure to check your USB cables as well as eradicate any faulty drivers.

4. Now, click on the Apple menu and then go to Software Update. This will allow you to install any new updates.

5. Further, go to ‘system preferences’ and then click on ‘Print and Scan’.

6. In case, you see that the printer list has a yellow light appearing then click on ‘Resume’

7. Uncheck the ‘Use Printer Offline’ option.

These methods should be able to help you out with Printer is Offline Mac issue. If you face any hurdle then you may seek direct help from printer professionals at the earliest.